Sheri M.
This is my 1st time using Gary and it certainly won't be the last. He did such a beautiful and professional job on my jeans! So happy to have found my new tailor!
Vahan B.
Ive been takeing my cloths get it altered for some quit a time and i wouldnt take them any where else they do professional job and always get my cloths fitted right and always happy to see gary when i go there im very happy with theyre work
Hector V.
Gary was outstanding in the tailoring of my sons, and my suits for Dads memorial service. It was an emotional time, but Gary even worked after hours for our suits to fit perfectly for the very next mornings service. I highly recommend Gary's tailoring for all your tailoring needs.
Oliver Dotcom
I took a new pair of raw denim jeans to Gary. He asked me to try on the jeans so he could measure the length to hem them. He worked professionally and efficiently. My jeans were ready to be picked up the next day (just under 24 hours!). He did an amazing job and I could not be happier with how they came out. I will go here for every tailoring need I have!
MArZzz S.
Excellent professional work. He is a master of his craft.
Matt M.
Stopped into Gary's on a whim to have a patch sewn onto a backpack. He was able to do it on the spot! Super friendly, very helpful, and I will happily go back for more work
This is a wonderful tailor! This is a master of his deal. Great work. Five stars.
Skye M.
I called for a same day pant hem and Gary said come on in. He was done in 30 minutes and the length was perfect and very even. It looked like the original hem, and I can obsess over things like that. He was very friendly and the shop was very tidy. No issue parking either! I'll be back.
m s.
I have several high-end trousers that needed very special attention and Gary took care of them with expert skill, Seriously impressive. My new go-to for all tailoring needs for sure!
Michael Streams
Gary is an expert tailor and his prices are fantastico! He did several trousers for me including my favorite Versace velour pants!
Marta H.
I bought my Halloween costume a few sizes too large so my dad (Gary) altered it for me within a few hours. This was a huge job because he had to remove the zipper, separate the torso from the bottom, take in the arm and the wrist, hem and take in from the legs, remove elastic and shorten the torso and remove all of the buckles and reattach. My point is, it's a fairly long proceeds which only took my father less than 3 hours. Thank you so much!
Paul H.
New post quarantine weight forced me to replace my current jean inventory. I have never had anything altered, but I wanted cuffs. Bam! Gary the tailor moves into the neighborhood. I stopped in to check him out and drop off a test pair. Not sure if this is the norm, but they were ready in a couple of hours. Great job. Four more pairs to follow. Plus he laughed at my jokes. If you need something done good and fast, let Gary do it. Santa Monica's loss is Marina del Rey's gain.
Erin M.
I had been in need of tailoring for some time and was thrilled to find Gary's new location in the neighborhood on Stanford Ave. The place is nice, easily accessible from Washington and Lincoln Blvds, for Marina Del Rey and Venice residents and the surrounding areas. He did a fantastic job stitching the three items of clothing I gave him, providing high quality stitching in terms of the sew and color match. In fact, he did more than I requested and turned the job around very quickly, within a few days and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend his service and will use him again! Please seek him out if you need this type of service. It's a new business (as of Oct 2020 I believe) and he can support a range of clothing, including luxury suits (which I did not need at the time of this review). He is very skilled in his craft, courteous and professional, his work is high quality and the price is good. Thank you!
Shannon G.
Amazing Tailor.... I wanted a to make a custom Minnie Mouse outfit for a Disney Halloween theme party and he was able to create me this super cute top..check out the pictures above. Highly recommend
Kyle R.
Extremely friendly and professional service. I had a custom job and they were very patient and worked with me to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. Price was 100% fair. Excellent tailor!
Vutun A.
If you are looking for hassle free timely mannered tailor then this the place you should try. Garnik is a professional tailor who cares about his clients. His work is simply the best. I've been his place few times and every time he listened to my need with care and prepared my clothes even better than my suggestion. Always on time. A great person as well. I wish him all the best. Keep it up, Garnik.
Logan C.
Gary has been my tailor for 8 years, since his first location in Santa Monica. He has always done excellent work and provided great service. He had altered over 50 items for me over the years and I have been 100% satisfied every time.
Veerut P.
Very professional tailor best at his craft his store is also in a nice wavy area too makes me feel good. Also it's easier if you know how you wanna alter your clothes but ask him any and every question to get it done right cuz ones it's done it's hard to change it back.
Hana V.
Gary was a local find and a treasure of a tailor. He did a great job on my wedding dress and overalls so I brought him back more things to hem, alter and mend. I will be going to him again in the future. Thanks Gary for your kindness and expertise. I appreciate your work and professionalism, care and attention to detail.
Samantha L.
He's a really amazing tailor! He get the work done before your due date with awesome quality!! I highly recommend going to him!
Melissa L.
He is the best tailor I've ever encountered. Amazing work. You should really go here!
Marta H.
Very nice, patient, and helpful tailor. Phenomenal tailor!!
Varsenik H.
Awdome tailor! He gets the work done even sooner than the date with amazing quality!! Highly recommend him!
Alex K.
Gary just opened a new location in Marina del Rey; he's been tailoring my shirts, pants and suits since he opened his first shop in 2011. He has also tailored my wife's dresses and skirts. We love Gary's sewing work!